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Today’s corporate cultures bring about an emotional upheaval filled with feelings of insecurity, frustration, and confusion which is amounting to excessive stress and strain in an individual’s life. Situations like, being passed over for a promotion, significant failures at work, losing faith in the system, being part of a re-organization, losing a job, being in between jobs and wanting to move to a new job, moving to a leadership role etc. play a significant role in causing the Work – Stress.

One could only feel the need of a neutral person not from his/her family, friends or colleagues who would be able to help the individual stimulate his/her thought process, take decisions, create goals. Precisely, a person who could help the individual manage these demanding and challenging situations effectively and successfully.

CALMER, is a platform that is created by passionate group of individuals who have been working with different set of professionals across various industries over the past decade and understand the acute needs. This platform brings together some of the finest counsellors who are all just a “CALL” away. Choose your convenient time to call or in case of need to speak to them immediately. You have the option to have a video or an audio conversation and can choose to protect your identity.

Parenting on Demand


Parenting On Demand

Parenting is one of the most demanding responsibilities and support from experts will make the journey more enjoyable, peaceful and fulfilling.

Every parent wants to give the very best to their child. The question remains, “What is the very best?” With today’s demanding time schedules balancing between family and work is the first challenge.

A gift of love, the child comes in as a new member of the family. The child is the adult in the making, requiring a completely different set of skills to be nurtured. The behavior of the parents, the choice of words, actions etc are all creating a deep psychological impression on the child which will manifest at an later date so far apart that it will be impossible to connect the cause and its present effect. Understanding the child and their needs is the only way to relate with them in a manner that will support them in realizing their true potential. All of us are first time parents and external help is necessary.

Parenting on Demand

About Quinsel

India’s first platform that has successfully integrated technology with a truly human touch. QUINSEL provides QUIck and easy access to qualified individuals in various areas of expertise and connects to the users seamlessly. Getting clarity from an experienced and reliable source has never been so easy. Initiated by practicing industry experts who have decades of experience is what makes QUINSEL different, reliable, dependable and unique.

  • “ The only true use of technology is when it adds value to LIFE”


We are constantly exploring the possibility of expanding our team of professionals, reaching out to more children through the parents and improve the experience of the user. If you have anything that will contribute to our above mission we will be pleased to hear from you.